October 26th 2022, AA6DY and K9YO awake

Our two Pico Balloons, AA6DY and K9YO are awake around the same time, and thousands of Kilometers apart.

K9YO was first to wake at 11:20 UTC at Grid HO31LG, Mid-North Atlantic Ocean, flying at an altitude of 12,180 meters, 39,950 feet. Our Locate and Track page is updated for tracking our Pico Balloons K9YO and AA6DY.

K9YO, Grid HO31LG, 11:20 UTC, 39,950 feet

AA6DY woke at 12:32 UTC at Grid FK37SJ, near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, over the Caribbean Sea, altitude 14,300 meters, 46.904 feet.

AA6DY, Grid FK37SJ, 12:32 UTC, 46,904 feet

Once in a while we show these features on our Locate and Track page.

Below is from the Sondehub program which tracks Amateur Radio Pico Balloons in flight around the world. We should note that Sondehub will track these balloons if they’re registered on APRS. Sondehub will take data from NOAA, at different altitudes and project the Balloons direction. As we show in our NOAA Hysplit model projections, our balloons path may travel in different directions from day to day. Here at Sondehub, they put it all together on one map.

Search for a specific balloon on Sondehub and click “Float” will show the map below, or something similar. Each color represents a different altitude, click on the circle’s color for an altitude. The Ventusky model also receives information from NOAA and puts it into a nice color portrayal of wind movement by altitude, time and date.

The Sondehub program coincides with the 84 hour NOAA Hysplit models on our Locate and Track page

Our Home Page https://nibbb.org/ also gets updated.

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One thought on “October 26th 2022, AA6DY and K9YO awake

  1. Another great day of floating across the Atlantic. Interesting to see how we’re moving to northern and southern distinct routes. Looks like we’ll sooncross Africa. Now we’ll have to start all the continents we’ve flown over – North America, Europe, Asia and soon to be Africa!


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