October 14th 2022, 18:52 UTC AA6DY Awake and 13:40 UTC K9YO is asleep.

We’re following two balloons K9YO launched on October 10th 2022, and AA6DY launched on September 3rd 2022.

K9YO which was launched from Libertyville, IL on October 10th 2022, went to sleep at 13:40 UTC at Grid KN30GF over Cannakale, Turkey traveling at an altitude of 12,840 meters, 42,115 feet.

K9YO asleep at 13:40 UTC, Grid KN30GF, Cannakale, Turkey, altitude 12,840 meters

AA6DY launched from Nortbrook, IL on September 3rd 2022 is now awake at 18:52 UTC, at Grid AI29 southeast of Howland Island over the Central Pacific. AA6DY altitude is 14,480 meters, 47,494 feet.

The reporting stations are VK4CT from Australia, 4,530 Km from our balloon. We just received Robert, AI6VN/KH6 from Half Moon Bay California also with a station in Maui Hawaii, welcome back Robert.

AA6DY awake at Grid AI29 at 18:52 UTC southeast of Howland, Island 14,480 meters

Our Locate and Track tab has been updated for both our balloons for Jetstream by Ventusky and the NOAA Hysplit Model for direction over 48 hours. K9YO is current for APRS, I’ll update our map and direction for AA6DY thoughout the evening.

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