October 12th 2022, 20:42 UTC, AA6DY, awake and K9YO, asleep

K9YO is now asleep and traveling over the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland. You can follow the NOAA Hysplit Model, Ventusky Jetstream at our Links to Locate and Track tab on our menu.

AA6DY woke at 20:42 UTC, 2:42 pm CDT at Grid RJ36 just west of the Marshall Islands. We’re only receiving the 1st packet, so we’re only getting a 4 Grid Maidenhead and partial altitude of 14,000 meters.

We have 2 stations reporting, Hisami 7L4IOU, 2,600 miles from our balloon and VK4CT from Australia, 2,400 miles away from our balloon.

Using our last known altitude for 2 packets of 14,300 meters and a Grid of RJ36gq, I was able to create a NOAA Hysplit model to show our possible direction southeast till tomorrow and then east thru October 14th. Also below is my best guess of Gridmap wakeup tomorrow at 20:00 UTC.

AA6DY moving southeast, sunlight lasts about 13 hours around the Marshall Islands, taking away 4 hours to power up and power down gives us about 6 more hours of sunlight and more opportunities to receive our 2nd packet.

Best guess waking up at Grid RJ50mm October 13th 20:00 UTC

I’m providing this best guess wake up to increase the chances of receiving spots from our followers.

Our Locate and Track tab has been updated for K9YO, and the best guess for AA6DY, as soon as we receive the 2nd packet, I’ll update this link for Jetstream and direction.

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