October 9th 2022, 21:42 UTC, Grid QL61id

AA6DY took a while to get both packets. We received our first packet QL60 at 21:42 UTC, 4:42 pm CDT from Hisami, 7L4IOU. We received our 2nd packet at 23:44 UTC also from Hisami, 7L4IOU giving us the Grid QL61id and altitude of 14,300 meters, 46,904 feet.

Grid QL61id, Altitude 46,904 feet

We’re not sure of our direction getting conflicting NOAA models. The one below is for Grid QL61jf, received on October 10th 2022, 00:24 UTC at 14,360 meters, 47,100 feet.

We should have about 5 hours more of sunlight, I’ll update the NOAA model tomorrow if we receive any new spots. Currently all our spots are from Hisami 7L4IOU. Thank you Hisami for finding us.

One thought on “October 9th 2022, 21:42 UTC, Grid QL61id

  1. Thanks to Hisami, 7L4IOU for tracking our balloon. It wandered over the western Pacific on its first trip around the world and it is doing the same thing again. With Hisami’s effort we’re able to track AA6DY. Hopefully in the next day or two, we’ll pick up a steady course east.


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