October 7th 2022, 21:42 UTC Grid QL69OJ,

AA6DY woke at 21:42 UTC, 4:42 pm CDT at Grid QL69OJ. We received both the 1st and 2nd packets from Hisami, 7L4IOU one of our newest NIBBB followers. Having received both packets, we have our altitude of 14,300 meters, 46,904 feet. We are now on our 34th day and 8th hour of flight.

Thank you Hisami, for pointing your antenna in our direction.

Our general direction will be south over the next 48 hours as seen below on the NOAA Hysplit Model. As it appears we’ll be staying here a little bit longer, we’re just happy to be flying.

We’re still waiting for all our links to update, Ventusky has been updated for our Jetstream

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