September 13th, day Eleven, AA6DY

After being quiet for a couple of days, we finally heard from AA6DY with 2 packets of data. AA6DY woke at 23:42 UTC, 6:42 pm CDT at Grid ON90TP east of Beijing, China. We’re now receiving both packets on the 2’s and 4’s and are able to see a 6 Grid Maidenhead and an accurate altitude now at 14,180 meters, 46,500 feet.

Grid ON90TP East of Beijing, China

Looks like our general heading is Northeast, so we may continue to track as we approach North Korea, with several hours of sunlight ahead of us, and in a Jetstream over 100 mph. Below is an image from WSPR.Rocks which shows our travels from September 3rd and the active spots received. It was very quiet from the Caspian Sea until we woke up this evening.

AA6DY from September 3rd through September 14th 3:02 UTC at 46,500 feet and still flying

Our Links to Locate and Track tab on our website have been updated for APRS, Pico Balloons flying around the World, and the Jetstream via Ventusky.

Welcome back AA6DY

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