September 5th 2022 Day three, KD9UQB MIA, Tracking AA6DY

We still haven’t heard from KD9UQB and will call it Missing in Action. AA6DY woke at 11:12 UTC, 6:12 am CDT, is in a slow moving pattern over the North Atlantic Ocean traveling around 30 mph. We expect based on the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory that we’ll be heading east for another day and then start heading northeast towards Ireland. Our altitude has been between 13,910 and 13,960 meters close to 46,000 feet, we also appear to be following near Hurricane Danielle.

AA6DY at Grid GM08SK North Atlantic Ocean 13,910 meters
Hurricane Danielle 5 day cone probable course

One thought on “September 5th 2022 Day three, KD9UQB MIA, Tracking AA6DY

  1. Another great travel day for AA6DY. Maintaining an altitude of around 46,000 ft. is right about where we want to be. Seems like we’re heading farther south than originally predicted. Let’s hope we maintain a safe distance from Dainielle and head toward Ireland.

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