August 9th 2022, 20:42 UTC Grid RO20 North Pacific Ocean

We received one spot at 20:42 UTC over an hour ago. While I was waiting for our 2nd packet, which would give us a 6 Grid Maidenhead and correct altitude. I thought I should just report what we have. We fell asleep at 8:12 UTC over the Sea of Okhtosk, Russia and our first reading awake is Grid RO20 at 20:42 UTC North Pacific Ocean south of the Bering Sea.

We receive our location from the Amateur Radio Stations around the world that receive our signal. The interesting part about our single reporter is that it’s callsign AI6VN/KH6. AI6VN is in Half Bay Moon California. The actual reporting station AI6VN/KH6 is in Grid BL10rx which is near Maui, Hawaii, 3,000 miles away. His QRZ page says his primary residense is in Northern California and has a small lot on the Winward (Northeast) side of Maui. We’d like to thank Robert, AI6VN for receiving us.

Will we continue east towards Alaska, or turn back over Russia? I’ll be watching

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