July 1st 6:40 pm CDT, W9BLN and KB9LM

We’re still waiting for W9BLN to report, meanwhile we’re still getting reports for KB9LM

I’m a little puzzled on what’s really going on with KB9LM, following KB9LM on WSPR.Rocks

For those that are following our launches, we hope that you can help solve this mystery.

KB9LM moved into Grid DL79 on June 23rd near Chihuahua Mexico and has stayed there. Since June 23rd, KB9LM has been transmitting intermittently, receiving stations sometimes for 1 hour a day, sometimes 5 hours a day, until today.

KB9LM starting transmitting today on July 1st and was received 22 times starting at 10:42 am CDT and last at 6:22 pm CDT. KB9LM was only received by 3 Grid locations throughout this 8 hour period from northwest of Oakland California, just west of San Jose California and Los Angeles California, all along the coast of the Pacific Ocean as seen in the map below.

KB9LM has transmitted and received by three stations over an 8 hour period starting at 10:42 am till 6:22 pm.

We’ll continue to look for W9BLN heading east from Nova Scotia, Canada and for KB9LM. We’re not sure if KB9LM is actually at the same Grid, but it’s good to know our Polycrystalline Solar Panel package is still working.

Just wanted to keep you updated, comments welcome 73, Cary

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