June 25th 6th day W9BLN and KB9LM

W9BLN has reported awake and ready to start the day at 12:28 UTC 7:28 am CDT at Grid EL39MR near Creole, Louisiana between Layfayette, LA and Beaumont, TX fyling around 29,000 feet at 14 knots.

Looks like W9BLN is heading Northwest. The Links to Locate and Track tab for Jetstream has been updated for tomorrow, June 26th at 7 am

W9BLN at Grid EL39MR 12:28 UTC 7:28 CDT around 29,000 feet at 14 knots

Just getting an email from an Amateur Radio station following our balloon, this is so cool. Ted, KG5TED/h from Lake Charles, Louisiana is reporting that W9BLN is flying over his station. Ted is also reporting that he is a fellow Pico Ballooner also flying a QRP-Labs U4B, had it’s first Circumnavigation on June 16th and currently flying north of Greenland. Congratulations Ted.

We have 2 balloons in different time zones, still waiting for KB9LM to report, I’ll be watching and update

73, Cary

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