June 21st 11:48 UTC 6:48am CDT W9BLN Reports and at 12:52 UTC 6:52 am CDT KB9LM Reports We’re now in 48 hours of flight

We now have 2 balloons transmitting from different locations. W9BLN is awake and reporting from Gridsquare EM54lv over Near Booneville Mississippi heading north towards Tennessee at 4 knots.

Ventusky shows winds for W9BLN will be travelling west at about 4 mph then north towards Tennessee

KB9LM who just started reporting yesterday morning has taken a different route now reporting near Biloxi Mississippi Gridsquare EM50ll General Direction West Northwest towards Louisiana and Arkansas. We’ll be watching storms this afternoon in southern Mississippi.

Our balloons may try to meet up heading north. You can follow these balloons easily on WSPR.Rocks at on our website “Links to Track and Locate”

I’ll give an update later this evening.

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