7th Launch December 12th 2021

In preparation for all our launches we follow two websites, Windy.com for sunshine, cloud base, temperature, wind at ground level and wind gusts. We use Ventusky.com for the Jet Stream at certain altitudes to predict Balloon tracking. On December 12th it was a beautiful sunny day. Launching Casey KV3T, a little windier than usual, well a lot more windier than usual

Launching a single 36″ Qualatex balloon

And then a gust of wind and there we are, in a tree. One of our team members went home for an Antenna Launcher for recovery, while he was gone the balloon left this tree
And ended in another tree
We’ve been asked if we ever recovered a transmitter, I said not if we’re lucky. There’s Don on the left with great aim over the branch
The Recovery Team from left Don, Jeff, Noah, Bob, George, Henry, John and Cary not pictured is Henry’s Dad Bill who took the picture. Don is holding the Antenna Launcher, Noah, the branch, George a push broom, Henry the Antenna wire and John the transmitter, ready to be used again

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