5th Launch November 7th 2021

Launching Jason KD9CFM/7 This time there were 3 of us, Michael AA6DY, John KD9THB and myself, Cary KD9ITO. Early Sunday morning, pretty balmy for November in Chicago area. After our first launch on September 25th, all launch builds take place at Michael’s home in a controlled atmosphere. Final preparation and attaching the balloon is on site.

on the left, Michael AA6DY and John KD9THB prepare the package. On either side of the transmitter is 16 1/2 feet of 36 gauge magnet wire and fishing line ready to be unraveled.
The key to a successful launch was discovered after our first launch on September 25th, a small fishing line swivel. Michael shows how to tie a secure knot.
With each new launch we try something new. Here we’re trying two 36″ Qualatex foil balloons attached at the filling neck. half the lift volume in each balloon, hoping we would reach a higher altitude without bursting.
5 hours and 30 minutes of flight time, back to the drawing board, at least it flew.

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