Our 2nd Launch Oct 2, 2021

Just one week after our first failed attempt, (had to get the failures out of the way). We launched the next week at Henry KD9SRZ and Noah’s KD9RDT school, Central School in Glencoe, IL. Having learned from our first Launch, Michael, AA6DY added a fishing line swivel just below the balloon on the fishing line.

The school field looked a lot bigger when I viewed it with Noah after our first launch, what was I thinking?

Luckily Michael prepared 2 balloons, the first, a blue one that was a test to make sure it would clear the trees, it did. The balloons were 36″ Qualatex foil Mylar, at $3.50, we could afford to lose a few. Hard to see from the fuzzy picture that I took from across the field. From the left, John KD9THB, Michael AA6DY, Jenni the new Central School Ham Club advisor (not yet licensed) Henry KD9SRZ, their friend Oliver and Noah KD9RDT working the drone.

Then we launched AA6DY with a silver Qualatex balloon

Launching Michael, AA6DY (in green) Oliver had to leave to attend another event

What a beautiful launch, smooth with a steady ascent
Not bad for a 2nd launch, 7 hours and 45 minutes over Lake Michigan where heavy storms were coming in. From Glencoe Illinois to Ionia Michigan, Wow! Just took a little bit of time before we received our first spot. Michael was already home, I stuck around to talk and on my way home, Michael called me that he thought he was seeing something. I was able to find a parking lot to pull in, open my computer before getting on the highway. There it was, just Northeast of the launch site over Lake Michigan. 90 minutes before the first spot was received, here is our full track ending at 20:58 zulu.

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