September 14th, day Twelve, North Pacific Ocean

We’re getting our first reports, AA6DY woke at Grid QM44KE at 21:52 UTC, 4:52 pm CDT. We’re over the North Pacific Ocean east of Yokohama, Japan at an altitude of 14,240 meters, 46,700 feet.

We are flying a Yokohama balloon, pretty amazing!

AA6DY at Grid QM44KE North Pacific Ocean, altitude 46,700 feet

I’ll be updating our Links to Locate and Track tab after we get some more information.

August 10th 2022, 06:36 UTC Grid RN36bb North Pacific Ocean

KD9TPM went to sleep at Grid RN36bb heading south over the North Pacific Ocean. We have flown 10 days, 16 hours and 32 minutes while awake. Sometimes we get our reports quickly and are able to determine locations and altitude, and sometimes it’s well, really spotty. When it’s spotty like this it takes some patience and some quick math to add the two timeslots, we’re around 9900 meters, 32,400 feet.

Where we go from here? We can wind up towards many different locations, Northeast, Southwest, We can loop around and head towards Canada head back to China or take a more southerly route. I’ve updated our links to Locate and track here is our current Jetstream to see where we may be headed Ventusky North Pacific Ocean

In case you happen to find out where we wake up before I report, please send me an email.

73, Cary