September 25th, 2022, 23rd Day, Day 1 of Our Second Time Around

This one I’ll have to think about. This is now our 1st day of our second lap. AA6DY has left the Unitied States and woke at Grid FM87TQ at 12:02 UTC, 7:02 am CDT. Thanks to a chart provided by Michael Seedman, AA6DY, we find our waking altitude at 13,900 meters or 45,592 feet. 43 dBm Power in the 1st packet and 50 dBm Power in the 2nd packet.

One of the things we were looking at was the frequency of spotters and distance received to our balloon. We were thinking, possibly one of our antennas had loosened. Things seem to have worked out with multiple spotters comming in on the 2’s, with one from Northern California, 8900 Km away or 5500 miles. We’d like to thank Robert from Half Moon Bay California for keeping track of us.

FM87TQ 12:02 UTC Septmber 25th 2022, Second Time Around
Sept 26th thru Sept 27th NOAA Trajectory

For those that have been following our Hurricanes and Cyclones, we have a busy season in our area. We had survived Hurricane Dannielle during our first journey around and It looks like we’ll be travelling north and east of Gaston as seen in the next two images.

Our Links to Locate and Track tab have been updated, with today’s fight information.