October 10th 2022, Projected Wakeup for 22:00 UTC today.

We left you yesterday without enough information to accurately predict where we may wakeup today. We received a couple of more spots from Seto, JA5NVN and Hisami 7L4IOU which gave us a final Grid at QL62JK and altitude of 14,420 meters.

We hope that our followers in Japan will continue to point their antennas in our direction to help us find our way.

Having our last location and altitude, we were able to produce a NOAA model for 48 hours to project a possible direction as seen below. Starting with the star at the bottom right hand corner and following the path to the upper left hand corner.

The way we find our projected wakeup is to follow the NOAA Model starting with a star and and counting the larger triangles and small triangles leading to the projected wakeup, then go back to the NOAA path and count the same start and triangles. Use the longitude and latitude and fill in the Gridmapper on our Links to Locate and Track tab.

Our first projected wakeup is around 21:00 UTC at Grid QL35MA

Projected wakeup QL35MA, October 10th 2022, 21:00 UTC

Follow the same for the October 11th wakeup which is near the top left hand corner of the NOAA trajectory path for our projected wakeup at 21:00 UTC, Grid at QM10LA

Projected wakeup Grid QM10LA, on October 11th, 2022, 21:00 UTC

I’ll start looking for our balloon around 21:00 UTC this evening 5:00 pm CDT our time.